Avoid This Coupon Code Debacle

A few minutes ago I visited a travel website where I was offered 10% off if I subscribed to their email list.

I subscribed, checked my email and there was my 10% coupon code, good until 10 days ago.

That’s right… they sent me an expired code.

It’s such a simple mistake but it’s also one that will alienate all new subscribers.

It would take the site owner 5 minutes to go in and update the code… if s/he realized it’s expired.

Don’t make this mistake. If you have dated coupon codes, either run a Javascript code to continually update them, or put it on your schedule to manually change them.

One more thing… bone-beaded mistakes like these are worth money to agency owners. If you work with websites and businesses that need your help, then spotting a problem like this is the perfect foot in the door.

“Hey, you’ve got a gorgeous website, congrats!

One thing: I just found a teeny problem on your site that’s alienating your new subscribers something fierce and losing you sales. May I share with you what it is? It’s a 5-minute fix and won’t cost you a thing. You can hit reply or call me at 555-555-5555.”

Lesson learned: Inside every problem is an opportunity.



But I think it’s true.


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