6 Magic Words that Sell More Products

You’re writing an email.

Or you’re creating a lead magnet.

Or maybe it’s a blogpost.

Whatever it is, somewhere in there you’re talking about how to do something.

Step 1, Step 2 and so forth.

  • How to Double Your Traffic
  • How to Get More Free-Spending Clients
  • How to Grow 100 Pound Purple and Pink Pumpkins

You’re telling the reader what to do and how to do it. You’re sharing your methods and your resources.

And when you mention those resources – the services you use to get the results you’re offering – you (hopefully!) use an affiliate link.

So far so good… but how do you encourage people to use those same resources via your affiliate link?

With these 6 magic words:

“This is the one I use.”

You’re the pro, the expert, the teacher and the coach. You know what you’re talking about. Obviously, you wouldn’t be using those resources if they weren’t totally awesome. You’ve done the research. You’ve tested. You know what you’re talking about.

“This is the one I use.”

Celebrities sell millions (billions!) of dollars, pounds and euros of products simply by appearing in the same advertisement.

This is better. You’re not a celebrity; you’re an expert giving expert advice.

“This is the one I use.”

It’s such a simple thing. Just add those words every time you recommend something via your affiliate link.



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