Are Guru’s Using Front Men?

In a word — yes. And they have been for years. Here’s how it works:

A marketer gets to be well known by customers on Warrior or JVZoo. Those customers buy all of his products, but after awhile they start to realize a lot of it is the same information, only repackaged. And then they stop buying new stuff put out by this marketer.

The marketer, wanting to make more sales, gets a front person to sell his latest product for him.

This way the big name marketer can throw his full weight behind the launch of this “newly discovered” marketer and his product.

Yes, it’s still basically the same information repackaged yet again, but now it’s got a new face, so people don’t mind (as much.)

Ethical? Maybe not. But I just thought you might like to know what’s going on and why it sometimes seems like you keep buying the same stuff over and over again.

Mind you, not all big name marketers do this — not by a long shot. And most of the “newly discovered” marketers are indeed new marketers who have found a way to make money online, and now they’re sharing what they learned.

It’s just good to know what happens now and then.

And when the day comes that everyone has purchased your stuff a few times, it could be that you might ‘discover’ a new marketer who just happens to have a similar system.

Hopefully not, but you never know.




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