TikTok Updates Marketers Need to Know

Several important updates have happened on TikTok this summer:

Changes to How TikTok Shows Videos in the EU

TikTok is making some changes because of rules from the European Union. Soon, people in the EU can choose to turn off how TikTok suggests videos to them. If they do this, instead of getting videos based on what they like, they will see videos from where they live and from around the world. These changes will start on August 28, 2023 and can make it easier for local businesses to get more attention.

TikTok’s New Tool for Better Ads without Privacy Concerns

TikTok is working on something called Privacy Go, as reported by Business Insider. This tool is being developed to follow the rules of the DSA and help businesses advertise. With Privacy Go, advertisers can compare their customer info with the data TikTok has about its users while keeping customer information safe.

Privacy Go uses a method called hashing, which is similar to what Meta does when you give them a list of customers to make a special group. TikTok will compare your list with its user data, but nobody will see any personal information about the users. This is meant to make sure people’s privacy is protected and ads on TikTok are better targeted to the people who want to see them, making the change good for both customers and businesses.

New Way to Keep Your TikTok Account Safe

TikTok added passkeys on July 17th, allowing you to log into your account on iPhones using your fingerprint or your face. It’s a faster and safer way to get into your TikTok account.

Starting in July, people in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America can use passkeys on iPhones. Later on, this feature will come to more places and other types of phones. It’s unclear how this will affect people who manage multiple accounts for businesses.

Longer Captions and New Features on TikTok

Not too long ago, TikTok captions could only be 100 characters long. But now, you can use up to 4000 characters.

Since more people are using TikTok to search for things, the app has made its search features better. This change lets advertisers create longer captions that have more details, which might mean TikTok is turning into a search engine.

Text Posts

Starting on July 24, 2023, TikTok introduced text posts with cool stuff like stickers, tags, hashtags, background colors, and sound. You can even start writing a post and save it to finish later.

These text posts won’t be like long articles, they’ll be more like the text-based stories you see on Instagram. But unlike some other apps, TikTok’s text posts still use hashtags and searching to find things.

Going Live Sooner

The word is some TikTokers with fewer than the formerly required 1000 followers are now able to go live, but we’re still waiting to hear what the new requirements are. TikTok Live is a live-streaming feature that allows you to engage with your followers in real time.

Shopping Section

TikTok added a shop section for some users where you can do some shopping right on the app. Users can purchase the products you mention in your videos by tapping a little label with an orange shopping cart icon.


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