Unleashing the Power of Irresistible Short Reports to Build Your Business

Some of my favorite marketing techniques are also the oldest because they work.

There was a time when you could post a classified ad in newspapers and magazines offering a free report. People would write to you to get that report, and you would send out your sales letter along with the report.

For example, your report might be on how to get a diamond necklace for a fraction of the going rate, and that report would tell the story of how diamonds are out of reach of most people, but you cut out the middle man and for a limited time you’re offering a great deal on this particular diamond necklace to the first 100 buyers.

That is a real life example from the 1970’s that was used for decades because it worked.

People wanted diamonds, they couldn’t afford diamonds, and the report gave ample room to describe why diamonds are normally so expensive but how a savvy shopper could still get a great deal from this particular jeweler.

Cue the internet, and short reports were quickly adapted to PDFs and offered to visitors as incentives to subscribe as well as sold by the millions to people who craved quick, easy solutions to problems.

With the advent of social media and the prevalence of online video, you might think the short report is no longer as viable as it once was, but marketed correctly, Irresistible Short Reports are effective today as they ever were.

For example, you could use an Irresistible Short Report to…

Build your list. Offer a completely irresistible report in exchange for their email address.

Segment your list. Let’s say you have a rather generic email list of people interested in online marketing. You can offer subscribers various reports on different marketing topics to find out who is interested in what and then sell them on exactly what they desire.

Presell your product. Your report might talk about all the alternatives for solving a problem, with your solution being the one that makes sense.

Upsell to your new subscribers. When someone joins your list to get your Irresistible Short Report, offer an inexpensive upsell to get a paid report on a closely related topic. For example, they join to get your report on your latest make-money case study, and then you offer them another report with 7 more cases studies for just $7.

Bundle reports to create a bigger product. Once you’ve got several small reports, you can put them together into a book, a course, etc.

As the initial product in a sales funnel. Your Irresistible Short Report could be the first of several products in your sales funnel. The low entry fee of $10 will get plenty of buyers you can then try to upsell to more expensive products. Even if they don’t take any of the upsells, you’re still building a list of buyers.

As a membership. Choose your hot topic, build a membership and then give that membership reports each month on your hot topic. Some of the most successful memberships actually been courses broken down into 24 pdf’s. Each month members get two new PDF’s, and in a year the membership ends.  As a general rule, memberships with an end date keep subscribers on board longer than memberships that don’t.

Will just any report do?


You need a report on a topic so hot, people are powerless to say no to it. If you’re giving the report away, it should sound so good they would gladly pay for it. If they are paying for it, then it should still be a no-brainer for the money.

Frankly, writing the reports isn’t difficult, but coming up with hot, irresistible topics can be challenging until you get the hang of it.

Essentially, you want your report to address an immediate, urgent need in the lives of potential readers and buyers. The key is to focus on solving significant problems that many people are facing in your niche or even explore entirely new niches if you want.

Your target audience should be individuals who are desperate for answers, in serious trouble, need immediate help, or have an overwhelming desire for something to happen in their lives or want something undesirable to leave their lives for good.

To create a powerful report, you can keep an eye on the news and look for opportunities that align with your niche or a popular trend. For instance, if the economy is taking a dive, you could write a report showing how people who lost their jobs are starting online businesses at home, capitalizing on the media hype to attract subscribers or buyers.

Remember, to give away or sell the most copies of your Irresistible Short Reports, you must promise simple solutions and then actually deliver on those promises. People who grab these reports on impulse are seeking immediate gratification, so meeting their expectations is crucial.

Here’s a valuable tip: Some problems, even serious ones, have relatively straightforward solutions once you have the right information. If you can offer fast, easy, and affordable solutions to these problems, you’ll have satisfied and grateful customers who might become repeat buyers, leading to significant revenue potential.

You can make a report irresistible by providing a solution to a problem that seems impossible to solve at first glance.

For example, think about addressing the question of how to lose weight while never feeling hungry or having cravings, or how to stop psoriasis once and for all, or how to build a fortune in 5 years from scratch. These might sound like impossible tasks, but with the right approach you can present a unique solution. Remember, innovation and creativity can make your report stand out and appeal to a broader audience.

When marketing your Irresistible Short Report, find the right angle and frame it in a compelling way to make it incredibly enticing to potential buyers. Think about how you can present your solution as easy or time-saving, leading readers to think, “Wow! I can achieve this with minimal effort!”

Many new marketers want to create a 100-page comprehensive report to get started, but instead you might consider crafting multiple short reports. These shorter reports, ranging from 10 to 15 pages, are easier and quicker to produce, and they align perfectly with what people want—quick and simple solutions to their urgent needs.

Plus short reports get devoured the moment they’re downloaded, whereas long reports are left for ‘another day’ when they reader has more time. Resist the urge to put everything in one big report and keep it short, snappy and super helpful.

To sum it up, your goal is to identify pressing problems, offer innovative solutions, and market your Irresistible Report with a unique and captivating angle. By providing instant, easy, and effective solutions, you’ll have a great chance of making a substantial income.


Irresistible Small Report Idea Generators

Now that we’ve talked about why you might want to create reports and how they can boost your online selling game, let’s get your imagination firing on all cylinders as we begin to explore the many different types of reports you can choose from.

Today I’ll be covering 20 of them with plenty of examples, and next month I’ll cover 30 more so that you are never, ever at a loss when it comes to quickly generating reports people will be begging you for.

This list is a goldmine for brainstorming ideas and fueling your creativity for your next small report, and all the ones that will follow after that.

I want you to know that this isn’t just theoretical stuff. I’ve personally used this list to produce numerous reports of my own, spanning across a wide range of niches. So, I’m positive that you’ll find it immensely useful too.

Let’s unleash your marketing prowess and dive into this world of Irresistible Small Report – your success story awaits.


1: Expert Interviews

In this approach, you can conduct interviews with qualified experts and create a small report based on their insights. You might interview them with a list of the top questions in your niche, ask how they accomplished a big goal or perhaps ask what advice they would give to others. To get these interviews you might pay the expert for their time or offer them an incentive such as free publicity or rights to the completed report. Example interviews:

  • Unveiling Fitness Secrets: An Exclusive Interview with a Celebrity Trainer
  • Philanthropy Uncovered: An Interview with a Successful Nonprofit Founder
  • Wanderlust on a Budget: Insider Tips from a Travel Industry Expert
  • Mortgage Mastery: An Interview with a Renowned Loan Officer
  • Real Estate Insider: Top Real Estate Broker Reveals Insider Secrets to Purchasing Property with No Money Down


2: Detailed List

One popular type of small report is the “detailed list” format. It involves providing a comprehensive list of ways, strategies, tips, or techniques on a specific topic, with a detailed description for each entry. Here are some examples:

  • 10 Productivity Hacks to Skyrocket Your Work Efficiency
  • 7 Unconventional Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business
  • 50 Self-Care Practices for a Healthier Mind and Body
  • Mastering Negotiation: 5 Essential Tactics for Successful Deals
  • 15 Mindfulness Exercises for Stress Reduction and Inner Peace


3: Case Study

Another effective approach is to present case studies that showcase successful examples of accomplishing a common task. Examples using this format:

  • Success Stories: How 7 Entrepreneurs Built Profitable Online Businesses
  • Transforming Lives: Inspiring Weight Loss Journeys of 10 Individuals
  • From Homeless to $10,000 a Month: How this Single Mom Built a Six Figure Business in 4 Months
  • Nonprofit Impact: Case Studies of 5 Organizations Making a Difference
  • Affiliate Marketing Revealed: Analyzing 10 High-Converting Campaigns


4: Resource Directory

In the “resource directory” style, you compile a collection of related resources, categorized and listed alphabetically, along with their contact information. Here are some fresh examples:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Adventure Featuring Campsites, Trails, and Rental Services
  • A Comprehensive Global Supplier Directory for Importers
  • Complete Resource Directory for Beginning Podcasters
  • 101 Fun and Educational Websites for Kids and Parents to Explore Together
  • The Top 50 Recommended Resources for New Homeschooling Families


5: How to Achieve a Goal

Perhaps the most basic of all reports, yet also one of the most popular types. Find out what your audience wants and then show them how to get it. For example:

  • How to Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days
  • How to Earn Your First $100,000 Year in Online Marketing
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • How to Date the Sexiest Women in Your City


6: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Here you’re essentially taking the “how-to” report and adding clear numbered steps to achieve the specific benefit or goal. Examples in this style:

  • How to Start a Successful Blog in 7 Simple Steps
  • Mastering Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
  • From Idea to Novel: Writing Your First Book in 10 Easy Steps
  • Building a Profitable E-commerce Store: Step-by-Step Blueprint


7: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This style of report almost writes itself. List out the most commonly asked questions on a particular topic and then follow each one with the answer. Examples FAQ’s:

  • Unleashing the Power of Social Media: Top 20 FAQs Answered for Business Owners
  • Investment Strategies Demystified: Experts Answer the Top 20 Questions for Beginners
  • Parenting 101: Solving the Top 20 Challenges Every New Parent Faces
  • Mastering Public Speaking: Answering the Top 20 FAQs for Aspiring Speakers


8: Idea Generators

An “idea generator” style of small reports provides prompts to inspire brainstorming and idea generation. Some examples:

  • 101 Creative Prompts for Visual Artists
  • 50 Thought-Provoking Questions for Book Club Discussions
  • 75 Catchy Slogans for Advertising Campaigns
  • 50 Fill-In-The-Blank Social Media Post Templates
  • The Ultimate Guide to Science Project Ideas for Students.


9: The First Year

Here you guide newcomers through their first year in a specific endeavor, providing them with valuable insights and tips to navigate the initial challenges. Examples:

  • The First Year of Starting a Small Business
  • The First Year of Becoming a Digital Nomad
  • The First Year of Blogging for Six Figures
  • The First Year of Freelance Writing Career
  • The First Year of Starting a YouTube Channel


10: Niche Business

Instead of targeting other internet marketers, focus on teaching niche business owners how to effectively market their products or services. Here are examples:

  • The Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Attracting Clients Online
  • How to Build a Successful Etsy Shop for Handmade Crafts
  • The Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
  • The Wedding Planner’s Guide to Targeting High-End Clients
  • The Health and Wellness Coach’s Guide to Building a Thriving Practice


11: The Bridge

Combine two unrelated topics into one small report, connecting universal desires with a specific field of interest or expertise. Examples:

  • The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Healthy Eating
  • The Artist’s Guide to Smart Investing
  • The Gardner’s Guide to Finding Love
  • The Gamer’s Guide to Fitness and Exercise
  • The Writer’s Guide to Networking and Building Meaningful Connections


12: Shortcuts

Share time-saving and efficient methods to accomplish specific tasks without compromising quality. Some examples:

  • 20 Time-Saving Hacks for Home Organization
  • 10 Quick Tips for Improving Your Photography Skills
  • Speed Up Your Web Development: 15 Coding Shortcuts
  • 7 Short-cut Strategies for Learning a New Language
  • The Writer’s Shortcut to Publishing a Book in Record Time


13: Advanced Guide

Cater to the experienced and advanced users in a particular field, providing them with specialized knowledge and advanced strategies. Here are new examples:

  • Advanced Strategies for Stock Market Investing
  • The Photographer’s Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Tactics for E-commerce Businesses
  • The Advanced Musician’s Guide to Jazz Improvisation


14: Time Frame

Here the key focus is on the specific time frame within which a task can be accomplished. The selling point lies in the ability to achieve results within a defined period. A few examples:

  • Mastering Social Media Marketing in Just 14 Days
  • Transform Your Face in 5 Days: The Skincare Bootcamp
  • 30 Days to Financial Freedom: A Wealth Building Blueprint
  • Learn a New Language in 21 Days or Your Money Back


15: Personal Profile

People are more likely to pay attention to someone who has achieved the results they desire. It adds credibility and trust. Examples showcasing personal achievements:

  • From Fat to Marathon Runner: How I Transformed My Fitness
  • Zero to Hero: My Journey from Unknown to Seven-Figure Marketer
  • How I Became a Scratch Golfer 30 Days after Learning to Play
  • How I Became a Bestselling Author with No Writing or Publishing
  • Fundraising Unleashed: How I Mobilized My Community to Raise $1,000,000 in 10 Days


16: Planner

Planners are highly popular among readers as they provide a structured set of activities to follow. These organized checklists help individuals stay on track and make progress. For example:

  • Master Your Time: A 7-Day Schedule for Optimal Productivity
  • The Mindful Month: A 30-Day Guide to Cultivating Inner Peace
  • Fit for Life: The 21-Day Exercise Planner for Total Fitness
  • Your Dream Wedding: A 3-Month Planner and Organizer
  • Homeschooling Made Easy: The Daily Schedule for Smart Parents
  • The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Plan: 30 Days to Online Success


17: Problem / Solution

In this article series, we follow the classic “problem/solution” format to provide actionable guidance when facing particular predicaments that are still resolvable. Instead of offering generic advice, each report focuses on a specific issue, empowering readers with targeted information to tackle their problems effectively. Let’s explore some examples:

  • What To Do When You Experience Writer’s Block
  • What To Do When You Suspect Your Identity Has Been Compromised
  • What To Do When You Want to Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship
  • What To Do When You Encounter Online Harassment and Cyberbullying
  • What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Job Unexpectedly


18: Current Events

You can create urgency and capitalize on upcoming holidays and events by tying your topic with an impending holiday or event. This approach is effective because readers realize they must acquire your small report immediately to fully enjoy its benefits within the set deadline (e.g., the date of the event or holiday).

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Memorable Fourth of July Party
  • Maximizing Your Online Sales During Black Friday
  • Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget
  • How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions and Make Them Stick
  • The Tax Season Survival Guide: Navigating April 15th with Ease
  • Stress-Free Holiday Travel: A Comprehensive Guide for Thanksgiving


19: Insights from Pop Culture:

If you’ve got a good imagination then you can unveil the valuable lessons hidden within pop culture—be it in movies, music, lifestyles, fashion, entertainment, or even cooking. This style is especially popular because it piques curiosity, making it a consistently popular choice among readers.

  • The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success, Inspired by Elon Musk
  • What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Building a Personal Brand
  • The Marvel Method: Superhero Strategies for Goal Achievement
  • The Game of Thrones Guide to Effective Leadership
  • The Pixar Approach: Storytelling Secrets for Business Presentations
  • Cooking Lessons from Celebrity Chefs: Creating Culinary Masterpieces at Home


20: Money-Saving Strategies

If you can show readers how to save money or even completely eliminate the cost of something, you’ve got a winner. The reader cannot turn down the opportunity to reduce the costs of something they’re already buying, or of being able to finally afford something they’ve been wanting. Examples:

  • Slash Your Utility Bills in Half: Energy-Saving Hacks for Every Home
  • How to Travel the World on a Shoestring Budget
  • The Frugal Foodie: Eating Well on a Tight Budget
  • Thrifty Fashion: Dressing Stylishly without Breaking the Bank
  • How to Remodel Your Bathroom for HALF the Going Rate
  • How to Buy a New Car for 25% Less than Dealer’s Wholesale Cost


Tune in next month when I’ll give you even more tips for creating and using Irresistible Short Reports as well as 30 more Irresistible Small Report Idea Generators.


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