12 Powerful Tactics to Repurpose Your Existing Content

You already know that your content will look different on Facebook than it does on Instagram and different still on LinkedIn. These days you’ve got to tailor your content to the platform. What you send to your list is going to read differently than what you post on Twitter, but the content itself is essentially the same.

First you create the content with a particular platform or format in mind, and then you tailor the content to additional platforms or formats as needed.

You’re working smarter instead of harder because you’re not having to come up with band new stuff every moment of the day.

Perhaps the best example of repurposing content I’ve ever seen is of a self-help guru who I won’t name here. She’s taken one simple concept that takes about 60 seconds to explain, and she’s turned it into a 6 figure business by continuing to repurpose that one concept over and over again into videos, books, articles, speeches and probably t-shirts. She has very little to say but a 100 different ways to say it and it works.

The most important trick of all when it comes to repurposing content is to remember to do it. There’s no sense creating great content for one platform or in one particular format and then not repurposing that content for other platforms and turning it into other formats as well.

Here are 12 powerful tactics for repurposing your existing and future content:

Turn your videos into blog posts – Transform your video content into written blog posts to reach a wider audience and cater to different preferences. Transcribe the key points and insights from your videos and enhance them with additional information or examples to create engaging and informative blog posts.

Turn your blog posts into videos – You Saw this one coming, right? Give your written content new life by repurposing it into engaging video format. Convert your blog posts into scripts, add visuals, and record a video presentation to captivate your audience visually while delivering valuable information.

Repurpose your videos into a course – Leverage your existing video content by repackaging it into an online course. Organize your videos into a structured curriculum, add supplementary materials such as quizzes or downloadable resources, and offer it as a comprehensive learning experience for your audience.

Stitch pieces of individual course videos into one video – Combine highlights of the individual videos from your course into a single video. This version can serve as a teaser or promotional material, showcasing the value and depth of your course in a condensed format.

Turn your blog posts into a book – Compile your blog posts on a specific topic or theme and transform them into a cohesive book. Edit and expand on the content, add new chapters or sections, and publish it as an e-book or physical book to establish your expertise and provide a valuable resource for your audience.

Turn your long videos into multiple short-form videos – Break down your longer videos into shorter clips that can be shared on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Extract the most impactful moments, create compelling captions or descriptions, and distribute these bite-sized videos to engage with your audience on different social media channels.

Turn your blog posts into guest posts – Adapt your existing blog posts into guest posts for other relevant websites or blogs. Customize the content to fit the target audience and guidelines of the guest platform, while ensuring it maintains the core message and value of the original post. This allows you to reach a new audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Turn your blog post or newsletter into Twitter threads – Condense the key points from your blog posts or newsletters into a series of concise tweets. Craft engaging thread structures, including teasers, insights, and calls to action, to capture attention and drive traffic back to your original content.

Turn existing content into Quora answers – Identify relevant questions on Quora that align with your existing content, and craft detailed and valuable answers using your content as a reference. Provide insights, examples, and additional resources to establish credibility and attract a wider audience to your website or blog.

Turn your content into Reddit posts – Find relevant subreddits where your content can add value and adapt your existing content into engaging Reddit posts. Respect the community guidelines and ensure your posts provide useful information or spark meaningful discussions, which can lead to increased visibility and traffic to your content.

Reuse bits and pieces of your existing content as social media posts – Extract compelling quotes, statistics, or insights from your content and turn them into attention-grabbing social media posts. Customize the format and tone to suit each platform and include a link or call to action to direct users back to the full content.

Upload podcast episodes as YouTube videos – Convert your podcast episodes into video format and upload them to YouTube. Enhance the visual experience by adding relevant images, graphics, or subtitles to engage viewers who prefer video content. This enables you to tap into a different audience segment and expand your reach.


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