Turning Leads Into £££’s

Turning Leads Into £££'sHow To Turn Every Single Lead Into Money In The Bank

Here’s an interesting little secret that a lot of people – even quite experienced business people – do not know about marketing. But once you realise it, your marketing becomes a whole lot more productive ….. as well as easier.

Many people will not buy from you the first time they are exposed to your offer.

A lot of research has been done on this over the years. And the general consensus amongst direct marketing experts is that – once your customer first finds out about your product or service – it takes up to seven follow-ups for them to make the decision and go ahead and buy from you. (That’s an average by the way. It can be less, or it can be more.)

I can hear you thinking …. WOW! …. how am I going to make all that work? Well, the answer is that it is essentially very simple …. once you know how.

First of all you need to have a system in place to gather the names and e-mail addresses of your visitors, enquirers or browsers who do not buy. So you can have another bite of the cherry and try to sell them again in the future.

In the old days of direct marketing this was very difficult and cost a small fortune in follow-up paper mailings. No wonder so many business didn’t bother with it. But in today’s Internet age technology has made it easy …. and cheap. (In fact it will cost you virtually nothing!)

What I recommend here is that you use an auto-responder to make an offer to your visitors to sign up for something before they leave your site. There are lots of auto-responder services available – However you can read about the one I use, and why in my article here..

There are various tempting things that you can offer visitors so they sign up: You could offer a competition to win a free product. Or you could offer a free mini-course, giving away some useful information surrounding your product. It’s also a great idea to offer a sign-up to a newsletter if you have one (In fact, it’s well worth starting a newsletter just for this purpose.) Whatever you do don’t forget that the whole point of this is to gather the names and e-mail addresses of your visitors – thereby giving you unlimited chances to sell them again and again.

Here is how I do it. Look at the image below, notice the opt in box within the dotted line on the right hand side of the page… It really is as simple as that!



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