Forget ‘Thank You’ Pages, Do This Instead

When someone signs up to your newsletter, do you take them to a ‘thank you for subscribing’ page?

Maybe you shouldn’t.

If they signed up from a pop-up, there’s a good chance they weren’t done reading the page they were on.

That’s why it’s better to give them a thank you pop up instead of taking them to a whole new page.

Leaving the page they want to be on can be frustrating and annoying.

But replacing their sign-up pop-up with another pop-up is a smooth way to say their sign-up was successful.

What should you put in this pop-up?

Three things:

1: “The (insert freebie name) is on its way to your email inbox right now.” (This makes it clear their sign up was successful and the freemium you offered them in on its way.)

2: “Look for the subject line, ‘Here’s your ____.’” (This makes it super easy for them to spot your email.)

3: “Right now we’re offering a new subscriber massive discount on ___, details are in the email we sent you.” (This sets them up to expect a sales message at the bottom of the email you sent. This product needs to directly relate to the freebie you’ve sent, and hopefully the freebie actually sets up the sale of the paid product. For example, if you offer a paid course on profitable blogging, then your lead magnet for joining the list could be a greatly condensed version of the course, or simply the first module of the course or a blogging checklist.)

Easy, right?

Everything is crystal clear and they get to stay on the page they want to be on.


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