YouTube Helps You Build Excitement for New Videos

YouTube Premieres enables creators to generate buzz around a new video in advance of when it goes live, and the tool is about to get four completely new features.

Live Redirect

Live Redirect allows you to create a multi-part show experience. You can connect a live stream to an upcoming premiere to generate excitement, as well as using an interview or Q&A to instantly redirect your audience to the premiere page.

Premiere Trailers

Now you can create your own trailer. This is a pre-recorded video between fifteen seconds and three minutes in length. Trailer videos must be public and owned by the channel hosting the Premiere, which means no one can use a video from another channel as their own trailer.

Expanded Countdown Themes

There will be not just one, but 10 themes available for the countdown displayed immediately before a video premiere. Note: These new themes won’t be available until early next year.

Schedule Premieres on Mobile

For the first time ever, creators can schedule Premieres using the YouTube mobile app. Simply upload a video from your mobile device and then schedule it as a Premiere at the same time.


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