How to Get Powerful, Plentiful Testimonials that Convert into Massive Sales for You

Lydia didn’t want to open her eyes that morning, and she dreaded getting out of bed. All night she had tossed and turned, thinking about the nightmare of her previous product launch.

She’d done everything right, or so she thought, and yet she’d been horrified with the lousy results. All that time and effort and practically no sales to show for it.

And now that her second product was launching the following morning, she was terrified the sales would be dismal for that one, as well.

12 weeks of product creation, another 4 weeks of getting everything ready for the big launch, and she was scared to death it would go belly up with a half dozen sales and a huge embarrassing mark to her good name in the self-help industry.

Eyeing her phone next to the bed, she decided to wash her face and get a cup of coffee before she went online to see what happened. Living in Hawaii, most of her early sales would come in before she even woke up, if there were any sales at all.

Finally seated in front of her computer, she pulled up her email program first. Something was wrong here… her screen was filled with the same email over and over again, an email telling her she had gotten a sale.

Could this be true? Quickly she pulled up her sales stats and there they were – 121 sales of her new $297 course and they were still coming in.

In fact, those sales would continue to pour in for the next 7 days, resulting in a very nice 6 figure payday.

Now here’s the kicker: Lydia had done almost everything the same way for the second launch that she did for the first launch.

What made the difference?

You might be surprised to learn that it wasn’t her stellar sales copy that made the sales, or the product itself, but rather the product testimonials.

On the advice of a marketing friend, Lydia had devoted a significant portion of her time getting certain kinds of testimonials from as many people as she could.

And she used these testimonials – 45 of them in all – on her sales page, on her affiliate page, in her emails and even through blogging and social media.

She used them everywhere she could, and it made all the difference.

But these weren’t just any testimonials…


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