Use Extreme Caution with Adjectives

An email subject line in my inbox caught my attention because it included the phrase, “Breathtaking-Templates”.

Only it was written like this…

“These B R E A T H T A K I N G  –  T E M P L A T E S blah blah blah”.

I can’t tell you the rest of the subject line because they had me at breathtaking-templates and that’s all I needed to know.

Because they chose the term ‘breathtaking’ and wrote it in all-caps with spaces, I knew these had to be the most wonderful website templates ever devised by modern man.

Finally, I was going to see something so revolutionary and awe-inspiring, my eyeballs would pop out and I would fall to my knees in rapture.

Sorry to say, my eyeballs and knees are fine.

When I opened the email, scrolled down and squinted at the small images, all I saw were…

…the same run-of-the-mill templates I see everywhere.

Thinking it was a mistake, I clicked the link. But no. These templates looked no different than a thousand other templates I’d already seen.

I closed the sales page and deleted the email immediately, without hesitation.

When you build up expectation to that level, you darn well better deliver on your promise.

If you don’t, you’ll lose people so fast you’ll never even know they were in the room.


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