Lucky Orange

You can improve your website’s conversion rate using Lucky Orange’s collection of tools including Dynamic Heatmaps, Session Recordings and Live Chat.

Let’s say you want to test what your users are doing on a video sales page as compared to a traditional auto webinar.

For the video sales page you let the viewer fast forward and rewind the video, you add lots of testimonials and you give them multiple calls to action.

For the traditional auto webinar, you essentially force your visitor to watch the 90 minute video because there is no other option on the page to do anything else.

Which one do you think converts the best? And what exactly will people do when they hit the video sales page, anyway?

If you’re using Lucky Orange, you might find that people on your video sales page immediately scroll down, read a couple of testimonials, click the button to find out how much the product is, and…. Leave.


But the majority of people on the traditional auto webinar, if you’ve done a great job of creating that webinar, will stay on the webinar until it reaches the call to action point.


Find out what customers are doing in your sales funnel and you’ll have a much better idea of how to stop wasting your time and start making more sales.

Free 7 day trial with no credit card required.


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