How to Gain Immunity from Stock Market Horrors

I had to laugh at this recent article from Slate…

“Your Guide to Why the Stock Market has Turned into a Horror Movie”

It starts out…

Over the last few weeks, following the financial markets has felt a bit like watching the prom scene from Carrie—the party’s over, there’s blood all over the floor, and flames appear to be eating the building while the whole crowd runs screaming for the exits.


You can put your money in the markets where you have no control over what happens to it.

Or you can invest your money in your business where you have total control.

For example, you do some testing for a week or two and discover the exact advertisement that will bring the right people to your offer to buy your product.

Every dollar you invest in advertising brings you back $2 in profits, and you can run that ad as long as it’s profitable. When it stops making you money, you create a new offer or make a new ad and do it all again.

Give me online marketing over the stock market anytime.

Here’s the article:


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