Are You Overwhelming Your Visitors?

I just visited the site of an EXCELLENT marketer who knows his stuff.


Here’s what happened.

I’d clicked over to one of his blogposts. Black background, BIG long hard to read headline. Okay, it’s a little much, but I can handle that.

Wait, there’s a banner across the bottom in bright blue. Hmmm, I’m leaning towards the screen, trying to figure what it says and what it means when…


A bright pop up covers the entire right side of the screen, causing me to jump back from the computer. Too much.

I hadn’t totally grasped the headline when I spotted the banner. I was still trying to decipher the banner when the pop up appeared.

What next? Lions and tigers and bears doing a jig across the screen?

Three headlines and I can’t tell you what any of them said because I kept getting interrupted.

Does your site distract and overwhelm visitors?

I hope not. ?


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