Are Guarantees LOWERING Your Sales?

Refunds cut into your sales, right?

And they’re darn annoying, too. You work so hard on your product and then someone tells you that it’s not worth their money.


But we have to offer guarantees to keep our conversions high, right?

Maybe not, because human psychology is a strange thing.

Let’s say you sell a $1997 course with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

What your guarantee has inadvertently done is tell your customer that it’s in their best interest to sell themselves against your course and get their money back.

And some of them will do exactly that.

But if you don’t offer a refund and instead demonstrate how valuable your product or service has been to others, how they’ve used it to get results and how there is nothing else like it on the market, then maybe you don’t need a guarantee.

After all, a guarantee is supposed to be a way of showing that your product WORKS. But if you can demonstrate that users get actual proven results, isn’t that so much better than an offer to refund their money?

It’s something to consider. You can either let your customers convince themselves that your product isn’t worth what they paid…

…or you can demonstrate up front that this is the bargain of a lifetime and you want serious buyers only.


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