5 Profitable Businesses You Can Start Today

Do you need to start earning some fast cash?

Do you have a skill, or can you outsource to someone else who has a skill? (The answer is always yes, by the way).

Then you can do one or more of these simple businesses and even pull in several thousand a month doing them.


Unleash Premium Mastermind Experiences

Imagine a unique way of learning that’s not like regular classes or groups. It’s not about one person creating everything; it’s about you putting together interesting, successful people and connecting them into a private mastermind group.

This isn’t just any mastermind. This one takes an application and a big fee to enter. It’s not about you, but rather it’s about the caliber of people you can put together.

People in the group have already experienced some serious success and they want to go even bigger. Maybe they’ve got a million dollar business they want to parlay into 10 more, or they want to diversify into another realm. Maybe they just want to get to know other successful people to bounce off ideas, contacts, resources and so forth.

People in this group want to learn fast, not go really deep into one topic. And here’s the cool part—they usually have a good amount of money to spend. If it’s not expensive (at least $5,000, maybe even $10,000 or a whole lot more), they might not be interested.

Making this kind of group isn’t easy, but the high price makes it super exciting. Why? Because with that much money involved, you’re surrounded by energetic and successful people who’ve probably done well in life.

The trick is finding these people. You’ll need to pick them carefully using an application process and maybe a video call. They could be from your email list, or you might get them from someone else’s email list. It’s all about being creative to make this kind of learning group work.


Become a Professional Spook

In the military a ‘spook’ is someone who does something they cannot talk about to others. Usually, they have a high security clearance, and they do things that others can only learn about decades later when it becomes declassified.

In the online and writing world, a ‘spook’ is also known as a ghostwriter. This is a person who writes the content and books for well-known people, webmasters and anyone who needs writing done for them.

Many Hollywood celebrities publish books under their own names, while very few of them actually do any writing. They hire a ghostwriter to write for them. The ghostwriter gets paid, and the celebrity gets the credit.

By mastering the art of adopting someone else’s voice, ghostwriters create content that supplements existing material or even writes exclusively for the client. This hidden marketplace provides a significant business opportunity, and its potential expands when you can guarantee certain results from your writing.

For example, if you get good at writing content that goes viral or that creates sales (such as sales copy), you’ll find you can charge far more than if you write more generic material such as articles and books.

One ghostwriting niche that is particularly hot right now is email courses. An email course can be free or paid. It builds credibility for the person who offers it, and it can be used to upsell other products as well as promote products within the course itself.

As a ghostwriter who specializes in creating email courses, you will work with marketers, businesses, and experts to teach their subscribers through a daily email course that might last from 5 days to 60 days.

The profit potential of these courses is huge, and you might even decide to start creating a few extra courses that you can promote yourself to supplement the income you make working for other entrepreneurs.


Be a Landing Page Conversion Master

These days so much is happening in apps and on social media that a new business or marketer doesn’t need to put up a website immediately.

What they do need, however, is a landing page. A landing page is a single web page with a single goal, such as leaving an email address to get a freebie.

Creating landing pages that truly convert and convert well is a skill and an art. You’ll want to study what works and what doesn’t, as well as testing one landing page against another.

Your job is to help entrepreneurs turn their traffic into customers or subscribers. You can charge by the hour, or you can charge a large fee for a successful outcome.

And you don’t need to be a coding wizard because anyone can learn to build impactful landing pages.

Consider offering a package of three landing pages and then testing to find and tweak the best one for your client.


Build a Curated Community

Traditional business models are all about the one-way transaction, where repeat purchases are often few and far between. There’s no sense of connection or community and no chance to connect with others sharing similar interests. That business model is so last century.

Now a new wave of one-person businesses is revolutionizing this narrative. Enter the era of creators who are not just curating communities around specific topics but are taking it a step further by building communities around common goals.

Imagine everyone participating in the same hobby or task together. The synergy created in such communities fosters an engagement level that is unparalleled. This is why business models tied to a shared challenge or goal are proving to be incredibly profitable.

Gone are the days of just teaching or talking. The new paradigm involves helping people “do,” and the response is nothing short of gratitude. The evolution of communities doesn’t stop there—they’re becoming gamified. Think badges, unlocks, drip-feed content, live coffee calls, group study sessions on Zoom with music, and more.

At the heart of this new community-centric model is a monthly subscription. However, the savvy move is towards an annual subscription, a strategy that not only secures commitment but cultivates loyalty. The secret? Make the annual subscription a deal that’s 10 times better than the monthly option.

Because who can resist a good deal?

Once your community takes root, the possibilities are limitless because numerous business models can be developed. Thriving businesses are born from tightly focused communities of like-minded people. You’ll find numerous ways to monetize this, adding income streams, affiliate products, services and so forth.

Build a group, curate all the relevant information and news, be a leader and create a vibrant, engaged community where everyone thrives together. Choose a topic you’re passionate about and it will never feel like work, either.


Start Group Coaching

Just as a psychologist earns far more with their group session than they do in one-on-one counselling, so too can you earn more by coaching a group of people at the same time.

For example, if you coach one person at a time, then you are selling your time and it’s not scalable. But if you coach 10 or 25 people at once, you are earning far more for that same hour of your time.

With group coaching you are still keeping people accountable. You can answer questions on the call as well as via email and create a social group where they can interact and network with each other.

Choose something to coach or teach that is of high value so that you can charge accordingly. Make a guarantee of results and allow your students to cancel after the first session if it’s not right for them. This way it should be easy to get people to sign up.

Don’t coach on anything that requires certification you don’t have. Offer supplemental materials such as videos, transcripts, or books to make the coaching high value.

And limit the number of people in each group to how many you can reasonably work with. This exclusivity will also help you to bring more people into your sessions, since there is competition to be chosen to participate.

Depending on the size of your cohorts, this model can generate substantial revenue ranging from a few thousand to many thousands of dollars per group.


If you’re interested, choose one of these business ideas and experiment with it. Talk to others who have done something similar, do a little research, and then before you can overthink it, just get started.


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