Blogging’s Not Dead: A $120,000 Monthly Success Story

Internet MarketingIn a world where some believe blogging has met its demise, Sophia Lee stands as a testament to the contrary, earning an impressive $120,000 per month through her blog. Here’s what she did to earn this income, year by year.

Year #1: Focus on Fast Income

Sophia, a struggling college sophomore, stumbled upon a Pinterest pin claiming $10,000 monthly earnings from blogging. Intrigued, she deleted her original blog posts and concentrated on making quick income.

Recognizing the potential in ads, she aimed for ad agency approval, focusing on generating page views through Pinterest. To fast-tack her learning curve, she invested $100 in a blogging course and promptly applied the newfound knowledge. (There’s a hint in there somewhere, people.)

Year #2: Focus on Affiliate Marketing and SEO

In her second year, Sophia shifted her focus to affiliate marketing, primarily utilizing Amazon Associates. While advising against early engagement in affiliate marketing, she emphasizes the necessity of SEO.

Acknowledging her need to learn, she mastered the art of SEO over time, reiterating her pattern of continuous learning, implementation, and adjustment. (If you want to start with Affiliate Marketing, today there are more profitable choices to be made than Amazon.)

Year #3: Focus on Email List Building and Social Media

Sophia, finally realizing the importance of an email list and regretting not having built a list from day 1, finally focuses on building her list. She stresses the need for helpful, reader-centric content, steering away from self-centric narratives. (Build your list, people!)

Engaging with social media on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, she maintains consistency with daily Instagram stories and weekly YouTube videos. (Consistency in posting is important.)

Coping with increased workload, Sophia begins hiring part-time freelancers, building a supportive team. (Smart move.)

Year #4: Focus on Course Creation

Entering her fourth year, Sophia ventures into course creation, recognizing the financial potential in digital courses. Simultaneously, she pursues another passion, launching an interior design business.

With accumulated experience and financial stability, she embraces a more risk-taking approach, expanding her entrepreneurial portfolio. (If you’re able, you might start creating your first course on Day 1 rather than Year 4.)

Year #5: Focus on TikTok and Hiring Full-time Employees

In her fifth year, Sophia strategically adopts TikTok as a platform for visibility. Expanding her business ventures, she transitions from part-time to full-time employees, improving workflow efficiency.

Justifying the preference for full-time staff, she highlighted their increased focus and involvement in business operations.

Could You Make $100,000 a Month in 5 Years?

Sophia Lee’s journey offers a blueprint for aspiring bloggers. With a meticulous five-year plan, she transformed her blog into a lucrative venture, now earning $120,000 monthly.

If you want to make money blogging, you might start with a smaller project as a preliminary step toward potential success while adding a podcast as soon as possible.


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