9 Webinar Secrets of Million Dollar Earners

webinarWebinars are an awesome way to quickly build email lists and sell expensive products. In fact, many marketers use webinars almost exclusively to build their businesses. Here’s how they do it:

1: Host with a partner

Collaborate on a live webinar with someone else to maximize your reach. By hosting with another marketer, you can double and triple your reach thanks to their mailing list and social media contacts.

Find a partner with a similar audience as yours. Maybe you both teach marketing, but you specialize in SEO and they specialize in driving traffic through social media.

2: Create a promotional schedule

Make sure your marketing strategies are in sync with each other. You want to coordinate schedules, decide how the promotion will look and choose one voice throughout all of your marketing to remain consistent.

3: Do a dry run

This is a practice session in which you make sure everything for the webinar is running smoothly prior to the event.

4: Decide on your post webinar strategy

The point of getting this traffic is turning it into leads and sales, so how are you going to do that? Decide in advance.

5: Focus on email marketing

Email is the best promotional channel for webinars, with 55% of registrants coming from email. Those leads also convert higher than leads from any other source, often times as much as 25-30% higher.

6: Promote via social media

Let everyone on your social media channels know about the webinar and give them a chance to attend.

7: Broadcast via social media

Use a tool such as Restream to go live on all of your social channels. This way you’ll get more of your followers to listen to your webinar when it’s live. Be sure to do this with your partner’s followers, too.

8: When the webinar is over, send follow ups to all the people who didn’t join your webinar so they can watch the recording. These are the folks who signed up but didn’t attend as well as those who didn’t sign up at all.

9: While on the webinar, give a ton of value and build lots of goodwill before pitching your product or service.


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