42 Top Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network acts as the channel between publishers (affiliate marketers) and merchants who create the products and services affiliates promote.

If you’re familiar with Clickbank, then you already know how an Affiliate Network operates.

For merchants, an affiliate network provides affiliate management, reporting, tracking, payment and refund processing and access to a large base of affiliate marketers.

For affiliates, the network provides a vast choice of affiliate marketing programs organized by category and popularity, as well as streamlining the ability to join and promote these programs.

Affiliates are usually able to join affiliate networks for free because it’s the merchants who pay the network a fee to join along with a recurring membership fee.

Affiliates can be paid by sale (PPS) or when a specific action takes place (CPA). Actions might include clicks, registrations, impressions, opt-ins, form submits or sign-ups.

Keep in mind that pay per sale generally offers a much higher commission than cost per action (CPA). It’s easier to get the prospect to take a small action such as filling out a form than it is to get a sale. Thus, some CPA programs might potentially pay better than some PPS programs despite drastically lower commissions. For example, if you get paid $5 per action versus $40 per sale, and you can get 10% of one hundred visitors to take the action ($50) versus 1% who buy the product ($40), then the CPA is the better deal for you.

Here are 42 of the best affiliate networks based on reputation and performance.

Why 42?

If you read Douglas Adams’, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” then you know that the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything (including affiliate marketing) is in fact, 42.




2checkout is a global eCommerce platform that focuses on software, digital products, and SaaS solutions. With a partner network of over 4,000 digital businesses spanning across 180 countries, they have gained significant rankings due to the strong support from their publishing community.


AdCombo Affiliate Network


A CPA marketing network with thousands of exclusive offers that uses its own in-house technology that allows you to customize advertising campaigns to reach your targeted audience.


Admitad Affiliate Network


Here you can establish connections with over 100,000 active publishers and Admitad’s impressive portfolio of top brands across more than 40 categories.


affiliaXe Affiliate Network


affiliaXe is a remarkable CPA marketing network that excels in cross-platform performance. Founded by seasoned and proficient digital marketers, this affiliate network offers a diverse range of highly converting offers across numerous popular vertical markets. Their global presence extends to over 175 countries, with a vast network of 10,000+ traffic partners facilitating over 10 million transactions each month.


Algo Affiliates


Algo Affiliates, a global performance marketing affiliate network, boasts a vast network of over 50,000 partners. Their expansive portfolio includes more than 1,500 offers across a wide range of industries and verticals. These encompass home improvement, insurance, dating, finance, real estate, sweepstakes, diet and weight loss, loans, ecommerce, nutrition, education, health & beauty, travel, software, pets, medicare, surveys, vouchers & coupons, banking, and business opportunities. Whew!


Amazon Associates Affiliate Network


The Amazon Associates affiliate network capitalizes on its position as the largest online marketplace worldwide.

Through Amazon Associates, the platform’s affiliate network, you can access a vast array of over a million products to promote to your customer base.


ArabClicks Affiliate Network


Headquartered in Dubai, ArabClicks affiliate network is fully bilingual, offering efficient account management, training, and support in both Arabic and English. Additionally, ArabClicks has introduced a range of user-friendly and innovative technological solutions to enhance affiliates’ earning potential with minimal effort.

Combined with their industry-leading commission rates, ArabClicks is a good choice for advertisers and affiliates in the Middle East.


Avangate Affiliate Network


Avangate, backed by a cloud platform, focuses on online commerce, subscription billing and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. Join the world’s most established digital goods affiliate marketing network designed to help you achieve sustainable growth for your online sales.




With a decade-long history, this network excels in attracting top-tier merchants specializing in catalog products, offering an alternative to Amazon or the eBay partner network. From outdoor suppliers to major appliances and vacations, they provide diverse affiliate offers. AvantLink particularly caters to experienced or tech-savvy publishers, offering customizable setups, API integration, and personalized tracking. Joining requires a selective process, with only ⅓ of applicants accepted, often based on traffic numbers. Good alternative to Amazon.




With an expansive reach spanning products from over 16,000 countries, Awin has emerged as a top choice in 2023. Generous commission structures and comprehensive tracking tools benefit publishers and advertisers alike. Awin’s dedicated account managers offer support while exclusive promotional materials, marketing tips, and product recommendations help affiliates maximize profits while minimizing risks.


CannAffiliate Affiliate Network


CannAffiliate serves as an affiliate marketing and influencer network specializing in the cannabis industry. It forms partnerships with CBD brands, marijuana dispensaries, and other related product companies.

Enjoy generous payouts, with some reaching above 50%, and take advantage of the entirely free membership offered to all affiliate accounts. The CannAffiliate Network provides a convenient platform where you can explore various brands and products, allowing you to efficiently monetize your website or social media following.


CJ Affiliate Network (The Conversant, Inc.)


Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate includes Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex and ValueClick Media, reaching millions of consumers shopping online through their affiliate marketing network. From their website: As the industry’s trusted leader in affiliate marketing technology for over 20 years, our platform allows you to seamlessly monetize your business at scale, tap into unparalleled data and expertise, and connect with more world-class brands. They pay an impressive $1.8B+ in annual publisher commissions.


Clickbank Affiliate Network


With a primary emphasis on digital information products, ClickBank has thrived for over two decades. Its extensive collection boasts over 6 million distinct products, catering to a staggering customer base of 200 million individuals globally.

For any affiliate marketer, this network is an indispensable resource.


ClickDealer Affiliate Network


They have rapidly evolved from an affiliate network working in several niche verticals into a full-service global marketing agency. Their smartlink is a link that redirects your user to the most suitable destination based on their location, device, and other click data parameters, as well as on the dynamic eCPM of each path, thus sending your traffic to the most performing creatives and offers.


Commission Factory Affiliate Network


With few barriers to entry, Commission Factory is generating up to AU$25,000,000 in sales per month with a wide range of affiliate programs.


CPAmatica Affiliate Network


CPAmatica is an affiliate network based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and operating worldwide. They have 1000+ offers

including white labels and in-house exclusives, core verticals such as dating, games and streaming, weekly payments without holdback, loyalty program for ambitious affiliates, 24/7 affiliate manager availability and custom smartlink.


CrakRevenue Affiliate Network


While CrakRevenue is a trustworthy CPA platform specializing in the adult market, they also have offers in other popular verticals.


Fiverr Affiliate Network


Fiverr’s affiliate network is renowned as the largest digital service marketplace in the world. Catering to the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners, it offers a staggering selection of over 3 million distinct services available at any given moment.

One of the standout features of Fiverr’s platform is its exceptional affiliate program. By leveraging their dynamic CPA model, affiliates have the opportunity to earn up to $150 for each first-time buyer they bring in. With a vast array of more than 300 unique categories and a gig being purchased every 4 seconds, finding a relevant service to promote from Fiverr’s marketplace is easy for any affiliate.


FlexOffers Affiliate Network


Flexoffers fosters mutually beneficial partnerships between online publishers and a diverse range of 5,000+ advertisers spanning various industries.

With a decade-long expertise in the field of affiliate marketing, Flexoffers provides exceptional customer service, an impressive assortment of tools, and prompt and reliable payments to their valued affiliates.




Formerly Impact Radius, Impact is a renowned affiliate network since 2008. It equips advertisers and merchants with essential tools to track, manage, and optimize marketing campaigns. The platform offers diverse services, including tracking, reporting, content syndication, campaign management, split testing, payment integration, and real-time analytics. Users can create custom landing pages for targeted campaigns. Impact provides a rich library of educational resources to stay updated on digital marketing trends. As one of the top 10 affiliate networks in 2023, it helps maximize affiliate revenue and stay competitive in a dynamic market.




This marketplace for digital products offers instant commissions and access to a searchable marketplace to find top-performing products with real-time data. Receive instant sale notifications via email, use a single affiliate link to connect to multiple products in a sales funnel and automate bonus delivery with purchased products. You can also recruit affiliates for two-tier commissions on their sales.


KMA Affiliate Network


Short for KissMyAds, this CPA network offers over 1000 pre-tested offers in diet & weight-loss, health, home improvement, sports, adult, and dating offers, many of which are owned in-house. This Russian-based network is fast growing and English-friendly.


Lemonads Affiliate Network


Based in Geneva, lemonads is a global performance marketing network that serves as a platform for digital marketers, advertisers, and publishers to expand their online businesses.

Affiliate marketers can benefit from lemonads’ extensive marketplace, featuring over 2000 advertisers offering exclusive campaigns for CPA, CPL, CPI, and CPS.

For advertisers, the lemonads affiliate platform is highly regarded among social media marketers, influencers, email marketers, and comparison sites as one of the leading choices available.


Madrivo Affiliate Network

Madrivo, a prominent affiliate network, links renowned household brands with specific target audiences on a global scale. Their approach encompasses lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand awareness strategies, ensuring effective consumer reach through various available channels.


Market Health


Market Health is a leading affiliate network specializing in health and beauty products, with over 200 self-manufactured items. It’s a welcoming network for health and wellness product marketers outside the US, offering the best makeup affiliate program for beauty enthusiasts. Negotiating price increases is simple once you exceed 20 sales per day. With a presence in over 100 countries, their programs provide localized language support and payment processing. Affiliate marketers enjoy perks like advanced tracking software (powered by Has Offers) and free advertising resources such as landers and banners.




This is a top CPA affiliate network where advertisers pay for specific actions. They offer various models like CPA, CPL, and mobile, catering to market research, diet, dating, and real estate. Actions can include sales, form submissions, downloads, or any visitor-performed activity. All actions are trackable and paid for by advertisers. For dedicated account managers, certain web services generate higher affiliate income using the CPA program.


Moonrover Affiliate Network


Moonrover affiliate network offers a vast selection of over 700 affiliate programs, with a significant number of them exclusive to their platform.

Their expertise lies in the travel, e-commerce, gaming, and financial market verticals.


MoreNiche Affiliate Network


They bill themselves as the #1 Health Affiliate Network, paying over $57 Million in Commissions since 2002


Olavivo Affiliate Network


Their network promises Weekly / biweekly / monthly payments, real-time reports, a dedicated affiliate manager, trending and top converting global offers, various payment methods-including crypto, hottest payout rates, awesome referral program and good vibes. Seriously.


PALO Affiliate Network


PALO affiliate network is a performance-based pay per call marketplace offering on-time, fast payments, custom built campaigns by publisher, experienced account managers in all areas of media buying and selling, workshops led by industry recognized experts with 1-on-1 training, ad tech to help you scale at no cost.




Partnerstack offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing campaigns and tracking results. With customizable tracking links, automated notifications, referral code integration, and multi-level commissions, it enables affiliates to quickly launch campaigns and earn immediate commissions. Partnerstack’s robust platform attracts quality leads, while its intuitive tracking system and excellent customer service ensure efficient measurement of results.




Pepperjam’s numbers are impressive: Over two million partnerships created annually, a 60% new customer rate, 18:1 return on ad spend, and an average order value of $161.




This affiliate network is designed exclusively for web 3.0 projects in the realm of crypto-specific affiliate products. Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, joining our program grants you access to a powerful global platform that is dedicated to your success.

Monetize your traffic effectively, access high yield offers, receive 24/7 support, promote in multiple verticals with weekly payments and advanced tracking tools.


PX Affiliate Network


This is a lead-generation network specializing in owned and operated campaigns for insurance, home services, and financial verticals. They pride themselves on their transparency with affiliates as well as having flexible payment terms.


Rakuten Affiliate Network


Formerly known as Buy.com, Rakuten ranks among the top e-commerce companies in the world with over 90,000 products from 38,500 shop owners and more than 18 million customers. Get paid a flat fee for every new member you sign up and a $50 bonus after you make 10 qualified referrals.




Refersion simplifies affiliate programs with innovative features for easy sign-up and commission earning. Track campaigns, manage payments, and boost conversions using creative tools. Analytical insights aid in profitable decision-making. Customize settings with the intuitive interface, receive comprehensive reports, and optimize future strategies based on collected data. Access free resources like tutorials, webinars, and guides to enhance affiliate performance. Utilize Refersion’s robust network to maximize results.


ShareASale Affiliate Network


ShareASale enjoys a good reputation and a 20+ year history of success as the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platform in North America.

With a diverse range of vertical markets, ShareASale offers an extensive array of affiliate programs. Presently, they boast an impressive selection of over 3900 merchant programs, giving you ample options to select from.


Skim Links


Skim Links caters primarily to accomplished bloggers seeking to endorse products through their posts. Affiliate marketers download a plugin enabling them to generate dynamic links, which bloggers can insert into their content, directing readers to relevant landing pages.

With a global network of 60,000 publishers representing 48,500 merchants, Skim Links facilitates daily sales of $2.5 million. While offering a variety of products, the focus leans towards physical rather than digital items. Notably, the intelligent links seamlessly direct users to the appropriate geographic stores, including popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and eBay.

Skim Links is particularly suitable for influencers willing to craft reviews and content specifically related to individual products.


Traffic Junky


Traffic Junky is one of the largest and most respected adult advertising network. While not for most affiliates, adult entertainment revenues exceed $3.3 billion per year in the US alone, making it a lucrative market.


Travel Payouts Affiliate Network


Monetize your travel content with a platform that offers travelers the tools to compare and find deals, while also catering to affiliate marketers who seek substantial commissions.

It provides a top-class affiliate dashboard along with technical features and promo tools. Travel Payouts covers a wide range of travel affiliate programs in a single place, including flights, hotels, ground transportation, tours, and more.


Walmart Affiliate Program


With access to over 75 million products in the Walmart Affiliate Program, you can promote almost anything. Tracking tools enable analyzing metrics like impressions, sales revenue, and click-through rates, aiding improvement and profit growth.

Affiliates benefit from promotional incentives, discounts, and extensive product options, driving additional sales while maintaining low costs. Technical support and resources expedite the setup process, making it an appealing choice for website or blog monetization, requiring minimal upfront investment and maintenance.


Warrior Plus


A marketplace for online marketing products, Warrior Plus differentiates itself with a range of standout features. It offers recognition for top-performing deals, industry-leading tools for vendors, a transparent marketplace showcasing product details, generous rewards for affiliates, and a user-friendly platform accessible to all. With Warrior Plus, affiliates, vendors, and buyers can enjoy the benefits of a robust ecosystem that promotes success and transparency.


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