The Easiest Way to Get Free Search Engine Traffic

I’ve mentioned this tactic before, but it works so well that I simply had to share it with you again.

It goes right along with how you might list build, and that is to give away something for free in exchange for an email address.

One of the most important factors in getting your site to rank high on the search engines is backlinks. The more sites that link to you, the higher you’re going to rank.

Most people think that to get backlinks you’ve got to create a constant stream of never-ending great content that people will link to along with being super active on social media platforms. And while this works, it takes a lot of effort and hard work.

There is a much, MUCH easier method, and it works like list building except in this case, you’re going to give something away to get backlinks.

What do you give away? A free tool. This is a tool that people in your niche want and are willing to pay for. In fact, maybe they’re paying for it right now, and you give them a free version that does the same thing.

Place this free tool on your website available for immediate download, and over time it will get plenty of free views, downloads and backlinks.

To reiterate, the key is to find a tool for your niche that people are either used to paying for or willing to pay for and release it for free.

If you can’t afford to hire a coder, go to a site such as Code Canyon where you can get a white label version of a tool within your space. Rebrand it, put it on your website and you’ll get links.

This simple addition also makes your website more authoritative and it becomes easier to rank for your keywords, too.

HINT: Want to take this to the next level? Don’t stop at just one tool. Offer a second, third and more. Each tool should be valuable and it should work well without glitches.

Add a new tool every month or two and it won’t be long before your site is linked to many of the other authoritative sites in your niche.

Of course, you want to keep creating great content, too, so that when people visit your site they want to stay and check it out.

You can also ask visitors to input their email address to get your free tool, or to get a free upgrade on the tool. This way you’re not only getting great backlinks, but you’re also building your list, too.

The end. Or… maybe… not the end?

I was going to close with that last paragraph, but maybe I should put a bit more emphasis on it. Why? Because some of the easiest list building you will EVER do is to offer a free tool in exchange for an email address. People think nothing of giving their email address to access something for free that they would normally pay for.

So, while this technique is awesome for getting high quality backlinks, it’s also an amazing method to build your email list.

Did I bury the lead on this post? Maybe. But it just goes to show that people who read to the end sometimes get a bigger reward than those who just skim the first few paragraphs.

Thanks for being one of those folks who stick around for the hidden gems.


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