Super Profitable Keyword Research for SEO Dummies

Let’s say that today you’re going to build a site in any popular niche you desire, and you have a choice:

You can either build a site that has no guarantee of getting any free traffic from Google…

…or one that will almost certainly get 10K to 50K visitors per month.

Both sites take the same time to build and maintain.

Both sites are monetized in a similar way, which is to say both will make the same amount of money from traffic. Assuming they get traffic, of course.

Stupid question?

Not really. Every single day people build new sites that have zero guarantee of getting any organic traffic.

After a month or two of hard work, they throw up their hands and start over.

And yet others are building sites today that will be making money within the month, all because they are getting the free traffic.

How do they do it?

By discovering and using the exact keywords that will most likely bring that free traffic.

And the best part is, this ‘secret’ keyword research technique I’m about to reveal is easy and crazy effective.

Here’s what you do:

Choose a super popular site in your niche. This should be a site with thousands of trending keywords.

Use an SEO tool such as SEMrush or Ubersuggest. Yes, you may need to join and pay the site you choose to do your research. It’s worth it.

Enter the URL of the super popular website you chose and allow the tool to find and display all of the popular keywords the website ranks for.

You should get a list long enough to tie around your waist once or twice.

Now filter the keywords for low competition and high volume. These are the keywords that will drive traffic to your site without having to battle Googles algorithm.

Filter the keywords by intent – informational or commercial.

Filter by difficulty – look for a range of 0-10 kd for new sites.

And filter by trends – notice if the keyword trending up or if it’s yesterday’s news.

That’s it. That is literally how easy it is to find low competition, high volume keywords.

I almost wish I could make this more difficult because I know a lot of readers will just shrug and go right back to trying to rank keywords that have zero hope of getting free Google traffic.

Create SEO optimized content around your new keywords that answers questions and solves problems.


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