How to Get Multiple Google Featured Snippets for a Big Traffic Boost

How To Get Multiple Google Featured Snippets for a Big Traffic BoostYour prospect does a Google search and sees that highlighted piece of text, partial list, image or video that shows up at the top of the search. When they click on it they’re taken to your website where they read your stuff, maybe join your list and even buy your product.

Sounds great, right?

If your website shows up in multiple featured snippets for your best keywords, it’s possible to get an avalanche of super targeted traffic to your website that never stops.

And it costs you nothing but time to do it, too.

What’s the easiest way to get Google Featured Snippets?

Here are the 4 steps, and one note: I was truly surprised at how easily this can be done.

Ready? Let’s get started…

1: Find low competition keywords you can easily rank for.

To find these low competition keywords, you can use Google Autocomplete. Start typing in a keyword and Google will suggest related keywords which are usually low competition.

Another way is to use Google Trends. You can see how popular a topic is, as well as comparing multiple topics to see which ones are less competitive.

Or you can use a keyword research tool like SEMRush to see the search volume and competition for a keyword.

2: Determine which of the keywords from Step 1 already have existing Featured Snippets.

If your goal is Featured Snippets, then you want to target keywords that already have a Featured Snippet. Then if you outrank the existing article, you will virtually guarantee yourself a Featured Snippet.

You can find keywords with Featured Snippets by manually searching through your keywords or using a keyword tool such as Ahrefs that filters by Featured Snippets.

3: Study the article for the Featured Snippet that you want to beat.

What’s good about it? What’s missing? And what can be improved?

4: Write a better article for that keyword.

It might be a longer article, a more comprehensive or up to date article, or simply higher quality content.

Do all 4 steps repeatedly and you can get several featured snippets on Google.

You’ll find you have the most success when you target Featured Snippets from articles that barely mention the snippet topic. If Google doesn’t have a lot of content to choose from, it will sometimes choose weak articles that are super easy for you to beat.

Simply write an entire article just on that keyword and you’ll likely get the snippet.

Of course, you can also rank for keywords that don’t have a Featured Snippet. If you do, once that keyword does eventually get a snippet, you’ll greatly increase your odds that your article will be the one that is featured if it’s already getting Google traffic.

Mini-Case Study Plus Hidden Business Opportunity

Victorine Lieske reveals she made $17,000 from her audiobooks on YouTube.

Frankly it never even occurred to me that people would listen to audiobooks on YouTube, but apparently it’s a growing trend.

Book publishing in general deals with spikes and dips in income. You publish a book and get a spike of sales, then the sales dip over the months unless you continue to market the book heavily.

Victorine has 10,000 followers on her YouTube channel and it provides a more stable, predictable income for her.

Plus, it also gives her more exposure which results in more book sales, too.

While Victorine writes romance books, this could work for non-fiction as well.

Now here’s the hidden business opportunity in all this: Of course you can publish your own books on YouTube, but why not act as an agent, publishing all sorts of other people’s books on YouTube?

Choose an author, offer to handle all the details for them and get them online. Send some traffic, be sure to include links to their books on Amazon and share the YouTube income with them.

The author gets their books on YouTube without having to do anything. They get a cut of the income as well as traffic to their books on Amazon and more sales there.

You handle the details and get paid for it. You then add more authors in the same niche and build up your audience and your stable of writers.

The trick to this will be choosing one niche and sticking to it. This way subscribers know just what to expect from your channel and it’s much easier for you to bring in new traffic, too.

How much can you earn? Impossible to say, but if you get ten authors like Victorine and divide the profits in half, the profits are pretty easy to calculate.


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