Under-the-Radar Stats About TikTok Marketing You Need to Know

Internet MarketingWhile TikTok’s explosive growth and engagement are widely acknowledged, several fascinating stats often slip under the radar, offering compelling insights for you as a marketer. Here are three hidden gems to fuel your TikTok strategy:

  1. Brands With Small Followings Can Outperform Giants: Research by Emplifi reveals that TikTok brands with under 100,000 followers actually achieve higher engagement rates than those with millions.

Smaller accounts typically post more frequently, foster close-knit communities, and respond directly to comments, building genuine connections that drive engagement.

(Source: Emplifi “State of Social Media Marketing 2023”)

  1. Live Features Drive Double the Engagement: While pre-recorded content plays a vital role, TikTok Live offers even greater engagement opportunities. According to TikTok’s own data, live videos garner twice the comments compared to pre-recorded ones.

This provides an authentic platform for brand interactions, Q&A sessions, and real-time product demonstrations, fostering immediate connections with potential customers.

(Source: TikTok for Business “TikTok Trends Report 2023”)

  1. Hashtag Strategies Are Shifting: Traditional hashtag approaches like using a handful of trending terms are becoming less effective. Instead, research suggests employing niche hashtags with 10,000-50,000 uses.

These allow your content to be discovered by a more targeted audience with a higher potential for genuine interest and conversion.

(Source: Later “2023 TikTok Trends Report”)

Bonus Stat: Shopping on TikTok is on the rise. According to TikTok for Business, 67% of users have purchased a product they saw on the platform. This highlights the immense potential for brands to utilize e-commerce features like TikTok Shop and affiliate links to directly convert engaged viewers into paying customers.

While these stats offer valuable insights, you’ll want to tailor your own TikTok strategy to your specific brand and target audience. Experiment, analyze, and refine your approach to unlock your full potential on this dynamic platform.


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