Case Study: 6-Figures while Working Full Time

Eve Arnold, a determined entrepreneur, set an ambitious goal in 2022: Build a six-figure online business while juggling a full-time job.

One year later, she shares the triumphs, roadblocks, and valuable lessons learned on her journey to exceeding that goal and making over $100,000.

Content is King: The Power of Long-Form Writing

Long-form articles are a cornerstone of Eve’s strategy. She aims for five articles a week, dedicating specific days to write and edit to make certain the work gets done.

These articles serve as the foundation for her content ecosystem, with key points being refined and condensed for a clear, compelling newsletter (under 400 words).

This approach is highly successful, with Eve earning $30,000 from writing on Medium alone.

Short-Form Engagement: X for Traffic

While X engagement was a priority, Eve adjusted her initial plan of five daily tweets. Batching tweets over the weekend allowed for pre-planning and easier scheduling.

X served as a platform for value creation, with links directing traffic back to her newsletter. She could see which tweets resonated, giving her clues on which content she should expand on.

Website as a Hub: Streamlining the User Experience

Eve recognized the need for a central hub for her online presence. Initially hesitant about adding website content due to her workload, she ultimately redesigned the website for a user-friendly experience, showcasing her work and products.

This shift seems to be well-received.

Course Creation: Quality Over Quantity

Eve’s initial plan was to create four courses and twelve accompanying products by year-end. However, she encountered the reality of course creation – it involves far more than just building the course itself.

Recognizing the importance of copywriting and sales skills, Eve opted to focus on quality over quantity. This resulted in just one course and one paid masterclass being launched in 2023.

Notably, her paid products ended up generating around $70,000. Had she done 4 different courses, her marketing time and attention would have been split 4 different ways.

The Free Newsletter: Prioritizing Passion Over Profit

Despite planning to diversify her newsletter’s revenue streams through collaborations, sponsorships, and coaching opportunities, Eve chose to prioritize offering a free, high-quality newsletter instead.

This decision came from her desire to dedicate her time to writing and helping part-time creators build their brands.

Lessons Learned: Belief is Key

Reflecting on the year, Eve emphasizes the importance of self-belief.  She encourages readers to seek evidence in the market and challenge self-imposed limitations. This shift in mindset, coupled with taking action and testing possibilities, proved to be a significant factor in her success.

Eve’s story is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with dedication, experimentation, and a willingness to adapt strategies. Notice that while she did make a plan, she wasn’t afraid to deviate from that plan when needed.

Your online journey might look nothing like hers, but it’s always good to know that it can be done. Staying focused, having goals, placing customers ahead of profit and quality ahead of quantity are lessons we can learn from her.

Eve proves that you can indeed build a successful online presence while juggling a full-time job.

You can find her squeeze page here:

Pay attention to the copy on the page, it’s well written and extremely persuasive…

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