11 High Energy Tips for Desk Jockeys

Working at a desk all day can be tiring, both physically and mentally. Here are some tips to help you maintain high energy levels throughout the day:

Move your body – It’s essential to take short breaks to stretch your legs and give your eyes a break from staring at the computer screen. You can set a timer to remind yourself to take a break every hour or so. Take a quick walk or do some light stretching exercises to get your blood flowing. Better yet, put on some music and dance.

Drink – Water, that is, not alcohol.  Dehydration can make you feel tired and sluggish. Keep a water bottle at your desk and drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Stay away from sugary drinks and too much caffeine. Try adding a bit of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to your water for added health benefits.

Eat real food – Eating a balanced diet that includes lean protein and vegetables can help keep your energy levels up. Avoid sugary snacks, processed foods and excessive carbs that can cause energy crashes.

Sleep on it – Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and lethargic, but did you also know you’re less creative, less productive and even less intelligent when you don’t get enough sleep? Nothing works better than getting enough sleep when it comes to clear thinking and enough energy to get through the day. And sorry, caffeine is NOT a sleep substitute (I wish it was!).

Breathe deeply – Taking deep breaths can help reduce stress and increase oxygen levels in your body, which can help boost your energy levels. When I start to feel tired I close my eyes and focus on deep breathing for a minute or two until I feel the energy returning.

Clean and straighten your work area – Strange but true, having a messy work environment makes it harder to think and contributes to fatigue.

Take 5 minute meditation breaks – Lay on your back, breath slowly and deeply, and relax your mind and muscles. If you doze off for a moment, that’s even better.

Use ergonomic equipment – Using comfortable equipment like an adjustable desk, ergonomic chair, or wrist rest can help reduce physical strain and help you stay energized throughout the day.

Listen to music – Listening to upbeat music can help boost your mood and energy levels. Or go to YouTube and search for ‘music to help you focus.’

Prioritize your tasks – Energy and concentration wane throughout the day. Do the hardest tasks first thing in the morning and save the easier stuff for later in the day. Prioritizing your tasks and breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks can help you stay focused and avoid that dreaded feeling of overwhelm.

Laugh – Take 5-minute breaks to watch, read or listen to something funny. Doing this gives me another hour of energy plus I feel happier and more optimistic.

By following these tips, you can maintain high energy levels throughout the day and be more productive at your desk.


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