What’s Your Excuse?

This is taken directly from social media…

“In high school, I flipped burgers at McDonald’s so I could afford the privilege of taking the SAT.

“I fed and cared for my three baby siblings until they went to sleep and stayed up until 4am to do my homework.

“I walked home through a dangerous part of the city after extracurriculars because I couldn’t afford a car.

“I stuck my laptop out of my window at night to steal my neighbor’s wifi and finish my schoolwork.

“I was scoffed at and told, ‘from this part of Ohio, only the children of doctors and lawyers get to go to Ivy League Schools.’

“In college, I panicked when my laptop broke because I had worked 150 minimum wage hours to buy it.

“I scrubbed toilets, shelved books, and sold clothing so I could chase my dreams and travel the world.

“Throughout my life, I have maneuvered and begged for every kind of subsidy and coupon.

“I’m the son of a warehouse worker and an immigrant; a first generation student.

“Today, I graduated from Harvard.”

– Shannon Satonori Lytle




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