Sneaky Trick Yields YouTube Views

This really is pretty sneaky, and no one would blame you if you don’t want to do it.

That said, you should know that a LOT of people do this, and it does work to get more comments and more views.

Any guess as to what it is??

It’s mispronouncing one or more words in your video, or making some other mistake that causes people to comment about your error.

All these comments about the mistake make YouTube think the video is popular, so it gets pushed higher in the recommendations.

This causes more views and thus more comments about the mistake, which cycles back to more views and so forth.

Some musicians even started mispronouncing words inside their songs just to get comments, while others do it so the song is more memorable and sticks in the viewer’s head longer.

Since mispronouncing works, you could also try misspelling if you have words on the screen.

And you could even make it your ‘thing’ to purposely mispronounce certain words.




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