“Overwhelmed by Prospects, What Do I Do?”

Kaezumi sent a ton of cold emails, thinking, “What could go wrong? Odds are very few if any people will reply.”

But he was wrong and now he has more prospects than he can deal with. He’s offering a service and can’t give good quality work to everyone who responded, so what should he do?

Here’s the best advice he received on social media:

1: Start doing quotes for people, pricing a little higher than normal. Price high enough that maybe half of them say no.

2: Control scheduling. Don’t schedule everyone to start on week 1. Give yourself time by saying, “I have an opening in a month for you.”

3: Hire more people.

4: Responses mean nothing until they’ve signed a contract with you. These are leads, not sales. See how engaged and how far you get with them before sending them away, because once you do, they will lose interest.

And my favorite response…

5: Email them back and say, “Due to the overwhelming demand…” and then finish the statement to your potential clients. This validates their decision knowing other customers have also decided to purchase. Plus, you need to set expectations. Be honest and give realistic timelines.


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