One Tiny Tweak Adds $12,000 per Year to Income

Actually, this has grown by far more than that initial number, but $12,000 a year is where it started.

This is a bit tedious and may take you an hour or two, but $1,000 a month isn’t a bad payoff. To make this work, you need to already have a business in place, complete with at least one product and multiple download pages.

If you have a core product, such as a high-end course or coaching, that is your most likely candidate for this.

Place a link to your core product on all of your download pages. ALL of them.

Depending on your traffic to your download pages, this should bring in a few extra hundred or more per month.

And it gets better… above the text link you inserted on each download page, you’re also going to place a screenshot of the sales page there, too. This will further increase your sales, but don’t stop there.

Add a button that takes buyers to the sales page of your core product, but do NOT make the button the same color as the download button. If it’s the same color, things get confusing for your customers and sales will go down. This has been tested, and please feel free to test it further yourself.

There are many other ways to set up this offer on all of your download pages, but according to testing the above method converts the best.

Remember, it’s a text link, a screenshot of the sales page and button that is a different color than the primary download button on that page.

Test it yourself and see what happens.


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