Mother of God Don’t do This

I was just on a marketing site with great information on the exact topic I was researching…

And I HATED the experience.

Here’s why:

Every time I scrolled down the page it was initially blank – BLANK – and then the words would slowly materialize into being.

There I am reading, scrolling and waiting. Reading, scrolling and waiting. Reading, scrolling and WAITING.

About halfway through the article I simply couldn’t endure it any longer and I left the site.

This is a website from a knowledgeable marketer who wrote a great article. It probably took her several hours to research, write and polish that article, and it contains at least one affiliate link that should be making her money.

And yet thanks to the continuous wait times I never finished the article…

Nor did I click the affiliate link…

Nor did I check out any of her other content…

Nor did I subscribe to her list.

I’m sure she thought the delayed loading was clever, or classy, or something positive.

But all it did for me was create a lot of frustration as my concentration was repeatedly broken each time I tried to read further.

Please don’t get cute and try this on your website.

Just. Don’t.


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