How to Turn Old Magazines Into Valuable New Content

There’s a lady in the UK who says she is earning 8,000 pounds per month thanks to reading old magazines.

She goes to jumble sales and buys up all the old magazines she can find, the older the better.

Then then finds interesting articles she can turn into her own brand new content by commenting on what she has read.

For example, “I tried this weird recipe from 1932 and here’s what happened”

“14 Life Hacks from World War II that Will Save You 500 pounds a Month Now”

“7 Dating Tips from 1955 That Will Blow Your Mind”

She never copies the content but rather talks about what she read and adds her own thoughts and comments.

And she uses this content to build niche sites on vintage cars, vintage cosmetics, vintage recipes and so forth.

She’s built 20 of these sites and has plans to build 10 more, and she monetizes the sites through advertising, affiliate products and so forth.

Now just imagine if she also used this content to create TikTok and YouTube videos… I think she would make a fortune.

And once she is finished with the old magazines, she sells them on eBay for far more than she originally paid.

The possibilities here are endless. Next time you go to a jumble sale, garage sale or flea market, be on the lookout for old magazines. They might just be worth their weight in gold.


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