This week I joined an email list. First, I entered my email address into their form and hit submit.

But that was not enough.

Then I had to choose all the pictures with chimneys, click a box to say I’m not a robot, and ENTER MY EMAIL ADDRESS A SECOND TIME.

Yes, I am shouting, because how hard are they going to make it to join their list?

But wait, there’s more…

On the thank you page they gave me the option of either reactivating my subscription (I just joined, for crying out loud!) or subscribing.

That’s right. On the page after I entered my email address for the SECOND time to subscribe, they asked me to enter my email address for the third time on the next page.

Now, you might think this has to be the work of some internet newbie who just started marketing online last week, right?


It’s a newsletter from a well-known publication.

All I can say is, please please please (3 Pleases!) do not work this hard to annoy your own subscribers.

Because if you do, you will surely lose them.


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