Case Study: Super Simple Business Model for Content Creators

This will only work if you love to write emails and create products, or if you’re able to outsource email writing and product creation.

But this is so simple and clean, I thought it worth mentioning.

There’s a gal I know who never, ever promotes affiliate products to her list. She simply won’t do it.

Instead, she only promotes her own products.

Every day she writes and sends out a new email to her list.

And for 3 to 5 days she’ll promote just one product. Then when she’s done promoting that one, she’ll move on to the next one for 3 to 5 days.

She’s continually creating new products and she also promotes the same products multiple times.

Let’s say she’s got 20 products. If she promotes each one for 4 days, then she doesn’t repeat a product promotion for 80 days.

She has no complicated autoresponder sequences because she doesn’t need them.

And her emails are conversational and fun to read. She shares stories, anecdotes, case studies, humor, news and things that are controversial or edgy.

Her readers never know what to expect in the next email but they always know it will be entertaining.

Her conversion rates are high, her returns are next to zero and her list loves her because she doesn’t bombard them with affiliate products.

If creating 10 or 20 or more products is scary to you, it might work best to just focus on one at a time and set a goal to create a new one each week. You could presell them to your list, too, so that you know which ones will be hot sellers and which ones you shouldn’t waste your time on.

She also offers coaching and she does quite will with that, too. It’s simply another product in her rotation. She also sells a monthly newsletter.

And once she’s promoted one of her products to the point where it’s not selling as well, she turns around and sells the PLR rights to that product.

People who are new to her list are exposed to all of her products in the first 2 to 3 months. If they don’t buy something the first time, they often buy it the second or third time it’s promoted to them.

And she never promotes the same product in the same way. Every email is new and fresh and oftentimes tied to the events of the day.

One thing she doesn’t do that I might suggest is to offer her best-selling products to affiliates to sell. But then again, I think she really enjoys the simplicity of her system and doesn’t want to deal with affiliates, so more power to her.

Plus, her list knows that the ONLY way they can access her products is directly through her.

I’m running out of things to tell you about her system because it really is that simple. If you enjoy writing emails and creating products and you don’t want the hassle and competition of selling affiliate products, this simple system might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


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