BassAckwards Marketing

Or… why every marketing technique or course you buy disagrees with every other bit of marketing advice you hear.

Okay, so you buy a course on how to generate traffic, and then you buy a second course on the same topic, except it doesn’t agree with the first one.

So you buy another book and another course and another video set and now you’re so confused you don’t know what to do.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what’s happening — you’re going about marketing BassAckwards, which is a nice way to say you’re doing it wrong.

Instead of buying lots of courses and then trying to fit them all together like pieces from different jigsaw puzzles, get a business plan first.

Decide what your business is and how it’s going to work.

Then and only then should you purchase products and services that fit your business.

Everything else? You can just ignore.

By creating your business plan first and getting the info you need second, you won’t get confused. You won’t buy products you don’t need, and you won’t waste your time learning techniques that don’t help you.

Remember, business plan first, marketing techniques and services second.




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