How to Raise Your Price without Annoying Prospects

How would you respond to this comment from an annoyed prospect?

“Dude, I was looking forward to taking on the “X” package when I got paid, but you raised the price from £10 to £29 a month.”

Everyone can see and read this comment and you need to reply. But what would you say?

I’ll tell you what this marketer said:

“Yes, the price changed because the offer changed.”

The offer changed. If you want to raise your price significantly, you might want to change the offer so that it is no longer an apple to apple comparison.

For example, you offer an SAS for $10 a month and you want to double or triple the price for new members.

Add in a library of videos as well as a private Facebook page for help and you now have a brand new offer, making it clear that you are charging more because you are offering more.

Not only will new customers feel they are still getting their money’s worth at the new price point, but current customers might want to upgrade as well. Be sure to set up a separate page to allow your current subscribers to get access to the new offer, preferably at a discount from what new customers are paying.


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