Are You Making This Marketing Mistake?

If you want to grow your business organically, you’ve got to stop making this mistake now because it’s costing you followers and sales.

Most marketers online and especially on social media that are trying to grow their business are going about it all wrong.

They’re presenting bottom of the funnel content. Bottom of the funnel content is that content you present to people to sell them on purchasing your product. “Hey, buy this product, you’ll love it and it will do great things for you.” This isn’t going to make sales or grow your business because people don’t yet know who you are or why they should trust you.

Expecting someone who does not know you to watch or listen to your sales pitch and then convert into a customer is only going to dash your dreams of growing your business.

Instead, focus on giving top of the funnel content. This is real information that people can use, and it helps you capture an audience while establishing your authority on the topic.

Let me give you a real-world example: You’re at a carnival and someone (I think they call them barkers) is yelling out that you should come over to their booth and buy their product. What do you do? Most likely you put your head down and walk away quickly.

But what if that same person were giving something valuable away? You and people like you would flock to that booth. It’s the same way in the grocery store where they give out free food samples. People flock to get the samples, even when it’s a food they might never normally consider buying.

Now let’s say that your online business is teaching marketing. Instead of shouting, “Hey, buy my marketing course!” Or, “Hey, hire me to do your marketing!” You instead say, “Hey, this is how you get your site ranked higher, this is how you capture leads, this is how you nurture your email list,” and so forth.

Especially when your business is new, you’ve got to concentrate on building an audience first and marketing your products second. This will build your business, provide you with tons of leads and eventually provide you with not just sales, but customers who keep coming back for more.


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