Can You Double Weekly Profits with This Email?

Here’s a quick case study you may – or may not – want to incorporate into your email marketing.

This marketer sends out an email to his list 5 or 6 days a week. These emails have news, information and one offer. But on the seventh day, he does something completely different.

He calls it his “Weekly Roundup” and in it he lists all the hottest selling affiliate products offered that week.

Each one gets a short section of its own with a title, description and his affiliate link.

He says that most weeks he makes as much from that one email as he does from all of his other emails combined.

I asked him if he didn’t get more unsubscribes from that email, since it looks so different from this others, but he says he makes it look and feel different on purpose.

It’s his way of letting his audience know it’s the one-time weekly email, and the rest of the week they’d be getting good content and not just a sales pitch.

He also titles it, “Weekly Roundup” and uses a date such as, “January 1-7, 2021” to indicate this email will only show up once a week.

It might sound a little spammy, but I really cannot argue with DOUBLING your income with a single weekly email.


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