55 March Holidays That Are Awesome Reasons for Quickie Marketing Campaigns

Jar of Peanut ButterYou want to send an email to your list promoting the Super Duper Excalibur Product, but you don’t know what to say.

Here’s an idea: Find the current day of the month on this list, give or take a day. Write something silly / fun / interesting about the holiday, and then in celebration of it, make your irresistible special offer.

For example,

Attention Oreo Buffs – It’s Cookie WAR!!

Did you know that today is National Oreo Cookie Day?

True Story: The sandwich cookie we now know as Oreo was originally invented 4 years earlier by the Sunshine Biscuit Company. Known as Hydrox, the cookie has more chocolate, no unhealthy oils (unlike Oreo), no corn syrup (unlike Oreos) and a better flavor than Oreos.

Hydrox became super popular, attracting the attention of Nabisco who stole the Hydrox concept and substituted in lesser ingredients to make a bigger profit. That’s when the cookie war between Hydrox and Oreo began.

Because of its superior ingredients and flavor, Hydrox was winning the war until the 1950’s, when Oreo told grocery stores that if they carried Hydrox, they would not be allowed to carry ANY Nabisco brands whatsoever.

The Mom and Pop Hydrox struggled after that, winning several lawsuits against Nabisco but getting buried in a pile of legal debt and rulings that were not enforced.

These days if you want to try Hydrox, you’ll have to checkout Amazon.

And if you want to know the easiest way to win against your competitors, no matter how low they might sink, then check out this link…

Because (insert benefits and scarcity).

See how easy that is?

With a few minutes of research and writing, you can fire off an email that captures attention. Just remember to segue into your own product and add your link.

March Daily Holidays and Observances

1       National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

2       Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

National Read Across America Day

3       World Wildlife Day

World Book Day

4       National Hug a G.I. Day

National Grammar Day

World Obesity Day

Employee Appreciation Day

5       Namesake Day

6       National Dentist’s Day

National Oreo Cookie Day

7       National Cereal Day

8       International Women’s Day

9       National Meatball Day

10     National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

11     Johnny Appleseed Day

12     Plant a Flower Day

Genealogy Day

13     National K-9 Veterans Day

14     National Pi Day

Learn About Butterflies Day

National Potato Chip Day

15     The Ides of March

16     Freedom of Information Day

National Artichoke Day

National Panda Day

17     St. Patrick’s Day

National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day

18     National Supreme Sacrifice Day

19     National Poultry Day

20     Equinox Earth Day

First Day of Spring

International Day of Happiness

21     National Teenager Day

International Day of Forests

World Poetry Day

22     World Water Day

First day of Ramadan

23     World Meteorological Day

National Puppy Day

American Diabetes Alert Day

24     World Tuberculosis Day

National Cocktail Day

25     Tolkien Reading Day

International Waffle Day

26     Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

National Spinach Day

27     World Theatre Day

28     Respect Your Cat Day

29     National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

30     I Am in Control Day

Take a Walk in the Park Day

National Doctors’ Day

31     World Backup Day


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